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Michael Moorcock (1939 - )

As a science fiction editor and writer, Michael Moorcock wrote many of his fantasy works in his younger days, to provide money to publish his “worthy” products, like New Worlds . Though his work in sf’s new wave is part of history, it is still his S&S stories that he is remembered for, in particular, those about the albino prince with the demon sword, Elric of Melnibone. Through the decades Moorcock has had fun with his many series by connecting the separate threads through an ultra-being who is all the characters, Elric, Hawkmoon, Erikose, and Corum, each a facet of the other. Moorcock is an important figure in S&S history, for his promoting the Sorcery half of the genre as well as showing others that S&S can ask philosophical questions while remaining fun.

The Elric Series
1. The Vanishing Tower (1970) a: The Sleeping Sorceress
2. Elric of Melnibone (1972) A: The Dreaming City
3. The Sailor of the Sea of Fate (1976)–omnibus
4. The Weird of the White Wolf (1977) a: The Singing Citadel
5. The Bane of the Black Sword (1977) a: The Stealer of Souls
6. Stormbringer (1977)
7. The Elric Saga: Part 1 (1984)–omnibus
8. The Elric Saga: Part 2 (1984)–omnibus
9. Elric at the End of Time (1984)
10. The Fortress of the Pearl (1989)
11. Revenge of the Rose (1991)

The John Daker Series
1. The Silver Warriors (1970)
2. The Eternal Champion (1978)
3. The Dragon in the Sword (1986)

The Chronicles of Corum
1. The Knight of Swords (1971)–British Fantasy Award 1972
2. The Queen of Swords (1971)
3. The King of Swords (1971)–British Fantasy Award 1973
4. The Bull and the Spear (1973)
5. The Oak and the Ram (1973)
6. The Sword and the Stallion (1974)–British Fantasy Award 1975
7. The Swords Trilogy (1977)  a: The Swords of Corum Omnibus
8. The Chronicles of Corum (1978)–omnibus

The Runestaff Series
1. The Jewel in the Skull (1967)
2. The Mad God’s Amulet (1968)
3. The Sword of the Dawn (1968)
4. The Runestaff (1969)

The Count Brass Series
1. Count Brass (1973)
2. Champion of Garathorn (1973)
3. The Quest for Tanelorn (1975)
4. The Chronicles of Count Brass (1985)–omnibus

Sojan the Swordsman Series
1. Sojan (1977)
2. Elric at the End of Time (1984)–omnibus

C. L. Moore (1911 - 1987)

C. L. Moore was famous in several capacities, first as a writer of space opera, then as half of the sf team “Lewis Padgett”. Her contribution to S&S is not voluminous but fine, indeed. She created the first, and perhaps the best, female fantasy swords-person, in Jirel of Joiry. Robert E. Howard gave her character homage in his Red Agnes yarns. Later, in the 1960’s, Jirel would inspire other convincing  female S&S protagonists. C. L. Moore is a World Fantasy Award Life-Time Achievement Winner.

The Jirel of Joiry Series
1. Jirel of Joiry (1969)


Larry Niven (1938 - )

Beginning with a soft parody of the genre in 1969, Larry Niven has explored questions that are important to today’s world, such as ecology. Whether you consider the Warlock series sf or fantasy is irrelevant since it is excellent S&S. Few other writers have been able to explore issues with this genre that many consider largely only an entertainment.  Niven has proven otherwise. Sandra Miesel has written an excellent essay on the series called “The Mana Crisis” which is at the end of The Magic Goes Away.

The Warlock Series
1. “Not Long Before the End”(1969)
2. “Unfinished Story #1”(1970)
3. “What Good is a Glass Dagger?”(1972)
4. The Magic Goes Away (1978)–illustrated by Esteban Maroto
5. The Time of the Warlock (1984)–omnibus

Niven Edited Anthologies
6. The Magic May Return (1981)–contains #1–illustrated by Alicia Austin
7. More Magic (1984)

Andre Norton (1912 - )

Andre Norton is the dame of 1950’s space adventure, and has made a reputation in juvenile sf as well. Her best known adult series is Witch World. Though Norton provides an sf explanation to her books, they are first and foremost adventure in the S&S mold. She has edited collections of other people’s stories about Witch World. A Grand Master Nebula winner, Andre Norton has also won a Special World Fantasy Award.

The Witch World Series
1. Witch World (1963)
2. The Web of the Witch World (1964)
3. Year of the Unicorn (1965)
4. Three Against the Witch World (1965)
5. Warlock of the Witch World (1967)
6. Sorceress of the Witch World (1968)
7. Spell of the Witch World (1972)
8. The Crystal Gryphon (1972)
9. The Jargoon Pard (1974)
10. The Trey of Swords (1977)
11. Zarsthor’s Bane (1978)
12. The Lore of Witch World (1980)
13. Gryphon in Glory (1981)
14. Horn Crown (1981)
15. ‘Ware Hawk (1983)
16. The Gate of the Cat (1987)
17. Storms of Victory (1990)–with P. M. Griffin

Norton Edited Anthologies
18. The Tales of the Witch World 1 (1987)
19. The Tales of the Witch World 2 (1988)
20. Four From the Witch World (1989)
21. The Tales of the Witch World 3 (1990)

Manning Norvil–Pseudonym of Kenneth Bulmer (1921 - 1986)

Kenneth Bulmer wrote these novels under the name of Manning Norvil. The Odan books have a strange explanation on the dedication page. The author claims that he is using a nom de plume, because he is a well-known writer about alien visitors to Earth. The Odan series is interesting because of its setting in remote historical times.

The Odan the Half-God Series
1. Dream Chariots (1977)
2. Whetted Bronze (1978)
3. Crown of the Sword God (1980)


Andrew J. Offutt (1937- )

Andrew Offutt’s most popular S&S character isn’t even one he created. Cormac Mac Art first appeared in The Tigers of the Sea by Robert E. Howard, a book of historical adventure stories featuring Vikings. Offutt’s sequels are quite different than the original. These novels are S&S fantasies delving  into the mythology of the Celts. He has tied the Cormac novels in with other Howard characters such as Thulsa Doom. Offutt has also added to the Conan series.  Writing with Richard Lyon, Offutt’s Tiana of Reme series  pays homage to Jirel of Joiry. Offutt’s Swords Against Darkness are excellent anthologies featuring the best of the up-and-coming S&S writers of the 1980’s. With the possible exception of Lin Carter, no other writer/editor has done more to promote S&S.

The Cormac Series
1. The Sword of the Gael (1975)
2. The Undying Wizard (1976)
3. Sign of the Moonbow (1977)
4. The Mists of Doom (1977)
5. When Death Birds Fly (1980)–with Keith Taylor
6. The Tower of Death (1982)–with Keith Taylor

The Tiana of Reme Series–with Richard K. Lyon
1. The Demon in the Mirror (1978)
2. The Eyes of Sarsis (1980)
3. The Web of the Spider (1981)

The Conan Series
1. Conan and the Sorcerer (1978)
2. Conan: The Sword of Skelos (1979)
3. Conan the Mercenary (1980)

The War of the Gods on Earth Series
1. The Iron Lords (1979)
2. Shadows Out of Hell (1980)
3. The Lady of the Snow Mists (1983)

Single Volumes
The Black Sorcerer of the Black Castle (1976)
My Lord Barbarian (1977)
Deathknight (1990)

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