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G. W. Thomas Presents

"The White Isle" Illustration from FANTASTIC July 1980


Here is a list of  the complete Schweitzer Library, or at least what is available. Postage would be $2.00 for the first book, $2.00 for the next hardcover or next two paperbacks, to a maximum of $6.00. No postage charge
for pamphlets if ordered with something else. Otherwise $1.00 for first one, $1.00 for next three.


The Shattered Goddess. SF Book Club (a reprint of the British edition, NEL, 1996, but the book was first published by Donning, 1982). Epic/horrific fantasy set in the year 2 Million. See The Encyclopedia of Fantasy for a description of this. $10.00

The White Isle (Weird Tales Library/Owlswick, 1989). Revision of 1980 Fantastic serial. Descent into the land of the dead, etc. I don't use the word "epic" here loosely. It might be described as a weird fantasy novel
that uses formal epic conventions. Was $18.95. Now on sale at $9.99. You've seen me put this on eBay a couple times.

Story collections:

We Are All Legends. Wildside Press, 2000. Linked stories about a Crusader knight who has had a falling out with God and thus has numerous unorthodox supernatural adventures. Some of the stories first published in The Year's Best Horror, Swords & Sorcery, Swords Against Darkness etc. Illustrated by Stephen Fabian. Reprint of 1982 Donning edition. $15.00.

Tom O'Bedlam's Night Out. Ganley, 1985. With illos by Stephen Fabian. Trade paper, $7.50. Hardcover. $20.00.

Transients And Other Disquieting Tales. Ganley, 1993. My horror collection (though a couple of the stories are quite funny). Illus. by Fabian. Trade paper, $8.95. Signed Limited Hardcover On Sale for $20.00. One of 150 copies signed by me and Fabian. World fantasy award finalist for best collection.

Refugees From An Imaginary Country. Owlswick/Ganley, 1999. Illus. by Fabian. If you were to pick one, pick this one. It is my best collection, I think nudging a couple of the others out by a small margin. "The real imaginary country is where fantasy writers get this good," wrote The New York Review Of Science Fiction. Signed/limited hardcover (signed by me and Fabian), $30.00. Trade paper, $15.00

Nightscapes. Wildside Press, 2000. My other best collection. Illustrated and designed by Jason Van Hollander, who also signed the limited edition. Signed/ltd hardcover, $35.00. Trade paper, $17.50

Necromancers And Netherworlds. with Jason Van Hollander (i.e. he actually collaborated on the stories). Wildside, 1999. Van Hollander also illustrated and designed it. He won the World Fantasy Award for Best Artist that year. The collection was a finalist too. Signed/limited hardcover, $30.00. Trade paper, $15.00

The Great World and Small. Wildside, 2001. The latest. Illustrated and designed by Jason Van Hollander. We both signed the limited. Signed/ltd hardcover, $35.00. Trade paper, $16.00.
THE MEANING OF LIFE AND OTHER AWESOME COSMIC REVELATIONS. Chris Drumm, 1988. Small booklet. 3 very silly science fiction stories. Not a representative place to start reading my fiction, but amusing. $3.00.


Pathways To Elfland: The Writings Of Lord Dunsany. Owlswick, 1989. Hardcover. A very nice edition, illustrated by Tim Kirk. $25.00.

Windows on the Imagination. Wildside, 1999. Essays. My best short non-fiction. Much about Lovecraft. $16.00

On Writing Science Fiction, The Editors Strike Back. Owlswick Press, 1981. With George Scithers and John M. Ford. 3rd printing. Hardcover. $19.50

Books of interviews:

SF Voices. T.K. Graphics, 1976.  Interviews: Bester, Silverberg, de Camp, Dickson, Spinrad, Frank Belknap Long, Aldiss, Bova, Williamson, etc. Trade paper. $6.00

SF Voices 1. Borgo Press, 1979. Not the same as above, but with some overlap. The de Camp interview is a entirely different. Sturgeon, Bester, Pohl, Gunn, Leiber, Clement, etc. Trade paper. $3.00

SF Voices 5. Borgo Press, 1981. Asimov, Brackett & Hamilton, Long, Simak, Lin Carter, etc. Trade paper, $3.00

Speaking of Horror. Borgo 1996. In print from Wildside. I will start selling their edition once I finish off the supply of the first edition. Interviews with Etchison, Bloch, Campbell, Nolan, Grant, Lumley, Tanith lee, Ligotti,
Chet Williamson, F. Paul Wilson. With chronologies and photos. Hardcover, $25.00. Paper, $16.00.

Speaking of the Fantastic. Wildside Press, 2002. Trade paper. Interviews with Terry Bisson, Marion Zimmer Bradley, John Brunner, Jonathan Carroll, Robert Holdstock, Ellen Kushner, Ursula K. Le Guin, Fritz Leiber (not the same as in SF Voices 1), Ray Nelson, Frederik Pohl, Dan Simmons, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and Jack Williamson. $16.00

Poetry and verse:

Groping Toward the Light. Wildside, 2000. My serious verse, or at least some of it. You've seen bits of this in magazines for years. The collection got rave reviews. Illustrated and designed by Jason Van Hollander.  Hardcover, signed/limited $35.00. Trade paper, $15.00

Non Compost Mentis.  An Affrontery of Limericks and Other Metrical Offenses. Zadok Allen: Publisher, 1995. Pamphlet. Humorous Lovecraftian verse, including the infamous Cthulhu-rhyming limerick. Illustrated and designed by Jason Van Hollander. $3.00

Poetica Dementia. Zadok Allen, 1997. Even more. Illustrated by Thomas Brown. Pamphlet. $4.00

Stop Me Before I Do It Again! Zadok Allen, 1999. "Tales from the Eldritch Club" limerick sequence, " Dunwich School Primer," etc. Illustrated and designed by Jason Van Hollander. Pamphlet. $4.00

They Never Found the Head: Poems Of Sentiment And Reflection. Zadok Allen, 2001. The above title did not prove prophetic. Includes several hymns from the Cthulhu Prayer Breakfasts, "What A Friend We Have in Dagon," "Cthulhu Loves His Loyal Minnions," etc. Illustrated by Allen Koszowski. Pamphlet. $4.00

As editor:

Exploring Fantasy Worlds. Borgo Press, 1985. Trade paper. Essays on Fantasy by Michael Moorock, Sprague de Camp, Fritz Leiber, Paul Walker (on Cabell), David H. Keller (on Mervyn Peake), Poul Anderson, D. Schweitzer (on language in fantasy) etc. Trade paper. Now on sale: $3.00

Discovering H.P. Lovecraft. Wildside Press, 2001. Revised and expanded version of 1977 Essays Lovecraftian. Who's-who in early modern Lovecraft criticism. Essays by Lovecraft himself, Bloch, Mosig, Leiber, Tierney, Schweitzer etc. Big feature of the expanded edition is an expanded version of Lin Carter's "H.P. Lovecraft: The Books" edited and annotated by Robert M. Price and S.T. Joshi. Hardcover, $35.00. Trade paper, $17.50.

Discovering Modern Horror 1 . Starmont, 1985. In print from Wildside. Help me kill off the rest of the Starmont supply. Not all are first printings, but I think I have some. Herron, Indick, Schweitzer, etc. discuss Shirley Jackson, Russell Kirk, Karl Wagner, Many Wade Wellman, Dennis Etchison etc. Trade paper, $11.95. Hardcover, $20.00

Discovering Modern Horror 2 . Wildside Press, 1999. (Reprint of Starmont, 1988). Essays on Straub, Leiber, Bradbury, Grant, Aickman, Bloch, Campbell, Collier, etc, and horror poetry. Contributors include myself, Bernadette Bosky, T.E.D. Klein, etc. Trade paper, $15.00.

Discovering Classic Horror 1. Starmont, 1992. I still have a few copies of the original edition left. In print from Wildside. Sam Moskowitz on W.C. Morrow, Schweitzer on Richard Middleton, Indick on HR Wakefield, S.T. Joshi on Machen, etc. Trade paper, $11.95.

Discovering Classic Fantasy Fiction. Wildside Press (2000) reprint of Starmont, 1996. Joshi on Dunsany, Don D'Amassa on James Branch Cabell, Schweitzer on Mervyn Wall, Don Herron on H. Warner Munn . . . other articles on A. Merritt, David Lindsay, E.R. Eddison, Algernon Blackwood, Henry Kuttner, etc. Trade paper. $15.00

The Thomas Ligotti Reader. Wildside Press, 2003. Essays about Ligotti, by Joshi, Indick, David Tibet, D. Schweitzer, etc. with bibliography. Collects most of the major Ligotti criticism to date. Includes two interviews.
Attractive cover and design by Jason Van Hollander. Hardcover, $35.00. Trade
paper, $19.95.

The Ghosts of the Heaviside Layer by Lord Dunsany. Owlswick Press, 1980. Hardcover. Illustrated by Tim Kirk. Previously uncollected stories, essays, and plays by the great fantasist. This is the first edition. $20.00

As publisher:

 Limericks For the Midnight Hour by W. Paul Ganley. With a cover by Jason Van Hollander. Zadok Allen, 2001. Eldritch, Lovecrafty limericks by the editor of WEIRDBOOK. Booklet. $4.00

The Young Guy From Fuggoth, Eldritch Limericks and Poems by Morbius Mortimer Moamrath. Edited by Joe Pumilia and Bill Wallace. Zadok Allen: Publisher, 1999. Some of the greatest Lovecraftian humor ever perpetrated. A "scholarly" edition of the selected poems of the eldritch pulpy horror, M.M. Moamrath, a contemporary and blatant imitator of H.P. Lovecraft. My poetic mentor! I can't recommend this too highly. That's why I went through the trouble of publishing it. Booklet. $5.00